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We truly believe in the power of nutrition to transform lives

Nutrition is the foundation of our lives. From the early life, it becomes the fuel to our optimum growth and development that supports our healthy body for the long run and enables us to fight for our goals in the future. At Danone, we truly believe in the power of nutrition to transform lives, to make a positive and proven difference to health.  As food producers, or even individuals, each of us has big power to determine the nutrition we provide to the children of our nation. We believe that providing health through food is not only our necessity but also our shared responsibility which will help to shape the future and progress of Indonesia as well.

Nutrition remains a worldwide concern, with multiple problems still burdening the world’s population as reported in the 2020 WHO Global Nutrition Report. The report shared that children under-fives face multiple challenges such as high rate of stunting, wasting as well as overweight and so much more, and the progress is said to be far too slow to achieve the target on each challenges. On the other hands, among adults, women of reproductive age possess higher burden to anemia and underweight. Malnutrition status of reproductive women will affect low birth weight of newborn, malnutrition, and even further creates a vicious cycle where low quality of health will run from generation to generation. 

At Danone, we aim to inspire healthier eating and drinking choices for everyone. This translated into our vision One Planet, One health, as well as our mission to bring health through food as many people as possible. As the pioneer in global healthy foods industry, Danone focuses mainly on categories that are beneficial to health in key stages of life including Danone Specialized Nutrition. We build on our in-depth knowledge of local food cultures, food habits and public health challenges to innovate and actively promote healthier alternatives of nutritional solutions for our consumers and patients in need. Beyond products, we accelerate on current and new initiatives to impact dietary habits positively.  

Nutricia-Sarihusada as part of Danone Specialized Nutrition in Indonesia has a strong heritage and has long been the trusted partner of consumers and patients in Indonesia. Supported by our global extensive expertise of more than 120 years in the area of Early Life and Medical Nutrition, we are now introducing Nutricia Professional. This interactive platform is designed to support Health Care Professionals (HCP) in getting the latest discoveries and expanding their capacity in the field of pediatric and nutrition management. This knowledge-sharing is expected to help improve dietary habits positively, thus leading to patients’ long-term health. 


Together, we are supporting patients and children for a heathier Indonesia. 

Connie Ang, 

CEO Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia